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English/Language Arts Framework Overview

Aligning Assessment and Instruction Page

All of the Resource links found on these pages were determined by the TCC professional online community to be aligned with the respective Learning Expectation or Common Core Standard. The process for aligning resources with the Standards is dynamic and ongoing. Gaps in the resource collections provide tightly-focused targets for further development of the collection.

Aligned Checks for Understanding

Checks for Understanding can be used for assessing student learning at various points of instruction. Formative instructional practices are typically embedded within lessons to indicate whether or not students have acquired a specific skill or bit of knowledge. Summative assessments, in contrast, generate evidence about a student’s performance relative to Learning Expectations.

Aligned State Performance Indicators

State Performance Indicators are assessment standards used to develop items for state standardized tests. They are inappropriate for developing clear learning targets for students because the practice is tantamount to “teaching to the test.” Focusing solely on SPIs is likely to result in significant gaps in student understanding of key concepts found in the aligned Learning Expectation.