Tennessee Curriculum Center
Guide to the Common Core/Tennessee Crosswalk

Common Core/Tennessee Crosswalks

The Crosswalk process was completed by teams of Tennessee teachers who made point-by-point comparisons between the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the existing Tennessee Curriculum Standards using the Crosswalk tool developed by Achieve, Inc. This organization guided the development of Common Core K-12 standards in English and mathematics that are internationally benchmarked, college and career ready, rigorous, clear and focused, and grounded in research. After the final standards were released in June 2010, Achieve began supporting the efforts of states to implement these standards. The information found in the original Achieve Crosswalks prepared for Tennessee has been retained, but the documents have been pared down to their essential features, then reviewed by curriculum specialists at the Tennessee Department of Education for accuracy and completeness. This will make the Crosswalks easier to use by the educational community as they begin to transition the current K-12 curriculum into the Common Core.

The resulting Crosswalk documents identify matches between individual Common Core standards and the Tennessee Curriculum standards. The data is indexed to the Common Core standards so that teachers and administrators can begin cross-referencing their grade level curricula, instructional materials and activities to the CCSS.

Sometimes a component of the TN Curriculum Standards (TN Learning Expectation (GLE or CLE), Check for Understanding (CU), or State Performance Indicator (SPI)) is matched with more than one CCSS. This type of repetition means that parts of one TN element align with more than one CCSS.