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About TN Curriculum Center

About Tennessee Curriculum Center

Our Mission
Supporting an inclusive and dynamic teaching community focused on 21st century learning.

The Tennessee Curriculum Center website (TNcurriculumcenter.org) project originated in a Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) initiative to support districts that were embarking upon comprehensive K-12 Curriculum Mapping projects to develop calendar-based K-12 Pacing Guides.  From June 2011, the project has been coordinated through a Math-Science Partnership grant to Maryville College.  The site is currently maintained by the Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation at Lipscomb University.

The comprehensive collection of tools and curriculum materials found at the Tennessee Curriculum Center will help educators to develop K-12 learning experiences that are carefully aligned with Learning Expectations found in the TDOE Curriculum Standards. They will also help districts as they plan for a seamless transition to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the Next Generation National Science Standards.  With its engaging and intuitive user interface, the Tennessee Curriculum Center provides a digital platform that can support a dynamic and interactive cyberlearning educational community for the foreseeable future.

We encourage everyone in the state's learning community to frequently revisit the site, browse the its resources and provide feedback. We urge you to register to the site to take full advantage of the website's many and varied feature. When you register, you will receive updates about new features as they become publicly available.

Tennessee Curriculum Center: Five Core Values

Quest for Quality Educational Resources

We relentlessly pursue the ambitious goals that define the Tennessee Curriculum Center's mission. We persist in the face of adversity, seek the resources needed to ensure our desired outcomes, and make choices that are deeply rooted in our mission.

Disciplined Thinking Approach

We approach our work with optimism, a clear sense of purpose, think boldly, and openly accept new ideas and opinions. We think critically and strategically in search of best practices and use prior experience and data as guideposts for the future.

Open Access

We work at all times to create an open and inclusive learning community that leverages the power of collective insights, relationships, and collaboration to give educators wide access to exceptional curriculum materials.

Respect for the Individual

We hold those who are engaged in the challenging and important work of educating America’s youth in high esteem. We value diversity and the unique contributions of others and bear in mind the limits of our own experience as we actively explore different perspectives.


We understand that inspiring the level of trust needed to develop a dynamic cyberlearning community requires us to continually act in an honest manner. We are clear about what we say, match our actions to our words, and take responsibility for our conduct.


Tennessee Curriculum Center: Project Goals

Individuals associated with the ongoing development of the TN Curriculum Center website seek to:

  1. Create and maintain an engaging, intuitive, and stable website user interface.

  2. Build a digital platform that supports a dynamic and interactive cyberlearning and cyberworking educational community.

  3. Develop practices that support districts as they transition to the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the Next Generation National Science Standards.

  4. Develop a quick and easy system for accessing and interpreting the TN Curriculum Standards, the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the Next Generation National Science Standards.

  5. Develop a comprehensive suite of educational tools and resources that assist teachers in developing standards-based curriculum, instructional, and assessment practices aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the current ELA, Math, and Science Curriculum Standards.

  6. Implement a fair and equitable resource submission and review system.

  7. Offer examples of high quality teacher work developed with TNcurriculumcenter.org applications.

Tennessee Curriculum Center Privacy Policy

The absolute policy maintained by individuals associated with the Tennessee Curriculum Center is to protect the privacy and security of online visitors and members of this website.


When a member desires access to all features of the Tennessee Curriculum Center website they are asked to provide standard registration information that includes a unique user name, a password, and an email address. Email addresses are used only to retrieve lost passwords, for user account maintenance, and when a necessary occasion arises as in sending an email announcement or survey request to the general membership. People who register for the website may also be asked to voluntarily submit Member Profile information.

Member Information

  • Neither the Tennessee Curriculum Center nor its affiliates will sell, trade, or distribute email addresses to any company or organization except when required for a valid legal purpose, such as a search warrant or court order.

  • Tennessee Curriculum Center will never intentionally disclose any personal identifiable information about an individual member (such as, full name, address, telephone number, or email address) to any third party without prior permission from that person.

  • Any personal information disclosed in a social network website by a member may be accessed and used by third parties. Despite our strict Privacy Policy, the Tennessee Curriculum Center cannot guarantee the security of information posted on these areas.

  • No one under the age of 13 will be allowed to register as a member of the Tennessee Curriculum Center without obtaining prior verifiable parental consent.

  • Tennessee Curriculum Center includes an unsubscribe feature for deregistering authenticated members and for removing all registration information. Purged membership data will not be retained by the Tennessee Curriculum Center.

Personalized Content

Members who wish to submit content for inclusion on the Tennessee Curriculum Center website may be asked to provide additional information that will be protected under this website's Privacy Policy. Such submissions will be retained on the website even if a member chooses to deregister.

Contact Us

For questions about the Tennessee Curriculum Center or its contents, please contact:

Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning and Innovation
College of Education at Lipscomb University
ayersinstitute (at) lipscomb.edu

Development Credits

Richard H. Audet, Ed.D., prior project manager
STEM Education Consultant

Jeffrey R. Hill, priot lead developer
Developer/Technical Consultant

Contributing Editors

  • Bruce Howard - Science Consultant
  • Ellen Johnston - Mathematics Consultant
  • Kris Marshall - Instructional Technology Specialist - Rutherford County Schools
  • Barbara Williams - English/Language Arts Consultant
  • Jacqueline Williams - Instructional Technology Specialist - Rutherford County Schools

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