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How Animals Meet Their Needs

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About This Resource

This user-friendly  interactive game allows students to use clues to learn about how animals use different adaptations to survive.  Students get immediate feedback on the selections they make.

Connections to Standards

After viewing a picture of an animal and reading a description of the animal's adaptation, students decide which need the adaptation addresses.  Students choose from oxygen, climate, food, water, and shelter/protection.  This strengthens students' knowledge of animal needs while helping them realize that animals have adapted to meet their needs.  This can be used as a formative assessment, individual, small group, or whole class activity.  Students can use white boards to write their choice as the game is projected for the whole class.

Alignment to Standards

Explain how organisms with similar needs compete with one another for resources such as food, space, water, air, and shelter.
Explore the relationship between an organism’s characteristics and its ability to survive in a particular environment.