Tennessee Curriculum Center

ReThink Assessment

…we need to nurture strategic learners who can sort, analyze, compare, contrast, synthesize, infer, apply, make decisions, and use information meaningfully in their lives.
Their, 2002
Effective learners operate best when they have insight into their own strengths and weaknesses…

Assessment is one of the cornerstones of our standards-based educational system. A growing body of information supports the view that a well-designed and comprehensive assessment plan is a key component of effective instruction. Students enjoy greater success in classrooms where assessment data are regularly employed to inform instructional decision-making and to monitor the progress of learners.

Because the Tennessee Curriculum Center is a resource for teachers built by teachers, materials found in the Assessment Cafe emphasize classroom assessment practices. This resource compilation supports the view that regular, frequent, and strategic use of assessment opportunities can help teachers better reach their broad educational goals for student learning. The strategies in this collection are generic practices for assessing students before, during, and upon completion of every learning experience. They can be equally applied across all disciplines.

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