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GLE 0406.2.1
Understand place value of numbers from hundredths to the hundred-thousands place.

Aligning Assessment & Planning Instruction

Student Resources
Teacher Resources
  • Teacher Moves
    Place Value Game

    This is an interactive math lesson that uses real world situations and base ten blocks to teach tenths and hundredths. It has built in assessment throughout the lesson. When using this URL, you are first taken to a lesson menu.  You must select the Place Value episode.

    Contributed by nicolelbowling
  • Teacher Moves
    Interactive Base Ten Blocks

    This website provides interactive Base 10 manipulatives that provide maximum flexibility for the teacher in teaching place-naming in different bases and different numbers of decimal places. Students are given a visual representation of builging whole numbers and/or decimals by clicking on the cubes, flats, rods, and units.

    Contributed by acollins
  • Differentiated Instruction
    Expanded Form Made Simple

    This website suggests using graph paper for students who are having difficulty in learning how to correctly write the expanded form of a number. This website is a teacher learning tool.

    Contributed by acollins
  • Teacher Moves

    This website begins teaching decimals by reviewing place value.  Students are taken step by step through several example problems that connect decimals to fractions.

    Contributed by nicolelbowling
  • Background Knowledge/Reference
    Numeral-Word-Expanded Form

    Use this center activity to allow students ample opportunities to practice writing five digit numbers in all ways.

    Contributed by lisa.bell

Aligned State Performance Indicators (SPIs)
SPI 0406.2.1
Read and write numbers from hundredths to hundred-thousands in numerals and in words.
SPI 0406.2.2
Locate and place mixed numbers on the number line.
SPI 0406.2.3
Identify the place value of a specified digit in a number and the quantity it represents.