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GLE 0606.1.5
Use mathematical ideas and processes in different settings to formulate patterns, analyze graphs, set up and solve problems and interpret solutions.

Aligning Assessment & Planning Instruction

Student Resources
  • Media
    Plotting Points-Naming Quadrants

    In this short video clip (3 min.), the instructor thoroughly describes the Cartesian coordinate plane and all four quadrants.  Instruction on plotting points is also discussed.

    Contributed by roxymache
  • Skill-Building/Practice
    The Cost of a Great Looking Floor

    In this lesson, students will create and estimate the cost of a tile floor design using geometric shapes, ratios, proportions, and percents. All cost estimates are based on the purchase of full boxes of tiles so students have to weigh cost against design considerations. Cost estimates also include labor and taxes for a more realistic estimate of what it costs for a great looking floor.

    Contributed by roxymache
  • Skill-Building/Practice
    Math Vocabulary BINGO

    This lesson provides students an opportunity to assess their understanding of mathematical vocabulary as they relate to key concepts from the five content areas. Through the use of a familiar game format, Bingo, students will identify numbers 0‑75 that correspond to mathematical descriptions from math vocabulary clue cards.

    Contributed by roxymache
  • Enrichment
    Happy Birthday to You

    In this lesson, students look at patterns in calendars to determine the day of the week for a particular date. Students also use division to explain why those patterns occur, and then relate them to modular arithmetic. The final assessment is for students to find the day of their birth.

    Contributed by roxymache
  • Enrichment
    Do You Notice Sum-Thing?

    This lesson invites students to investigate the patterns when a "plus sign" (a cross-shaped arrangement of five squares) is placed on the board in various locations. Students will conjecture about the pattern of the five displayed numbers, the sum of the five numbers, and any other patterns that they notice.

    Contributed by roxymache
  • Multimedia/Technology
    No Matter What Shape

    In this short activity, online patten blocks are used to show fractional relationships.

    Contributed by roxymache
  • Multimedia/Technology
    Fibonacci Webquest

    This WebQuest is for 4th - 9th graders and simulates a historian traveling the world in search of early evidence for the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Rectangle, and the Golden Spiral.

    Contributed by paula.cox
Teacher Resources
    No assessment resources yet!

Aligned State Performance Indicators (SPIs)
SPI 0606.1.2
Judge the reasonableness of the results of rational number estimates and/or computations.
SPI 0606.1.5
Model algebraic expressions using algebra tiles.
SPI 0606.3.5
Translate between verbal expressions/sentences and algebraic expressions/equations.
SPI 0606.3.7
DROPPED IN 2012-2013
Use algebraic expressions and properties to analyze numeric and geometric patterns.
SPI 0606.3.8
DROPPED IN 2012-2013
Select the qualitative graph that models a contextual situation (e.g., water filling then draining from a bathtub).